Terms of Service (2022)

We use the terms ‘We’ and ‘HANDMADE SEATTLE LLC’ interchangeably.

1. Conference Tickets

a. Tickets are non-refundable, unless we invalidate it as discussed in e.

b. We sell a single ticket per individual. A person buying multiple tickets must purchase them one at a time.

c. Prices can change at any moment.

d. Our payment processors are Stripe, Inc. and PayPal, Inc.

e. We may invalidate a conference ticket under special circumstances, such as when:

  • There is evidence of threats of violence, hate speech, doxxing or related categories of harm expressed by the ticket holder.
  • We exercise our right to refuse service as mandated or otherwise permitted by law.

2. Emergencies

There is always a rare chance of event delay or event cancellation due to serious emergencies outside our control. If such an emergency occurs, tickets would automatically transfer to the next scheduled event.

3. Chat Server - Data & Guidelines

HANDMADE SEATTLE LLC give ticket holders access to a private chat server. The chat is available for both the physical and online tracks.


a. We use a Matrix Server to keep chat data in-house.

b. The server has federation disabled.

c. As a consequence of b., ticket holders will be invited to create a conference-specific Matrix account.

d. We invite ticket holders to the chat two weeks before the event, though it may be earlier. If there are invitation delays, the ticket holder would be notified.

Your Data Rights

a. Intellectual Property - HANDMADE SEATTLE LLC is the chat server owner, but we cannot claim intellectual property rights over chat messages or 3rd-party media.

b. Privacy - A Direct Message (DM) is automatically encrypted. Messages in public channels are not encrypted. HANDMADE SEATTLE LLC cannot access encrypted messages.

c. Longevity - The chat server is not permanent. HANDMADE SEATTLE LLC will shut it down 1-2 weeks after the conference, although it may take up to several weeks.

d. Credentials - Chat credentials are persistent until the chat server is shut down (see c. above.) Future conferences always require recreating accounts.

Communication Guidelines

We adopt the Handmade Network Communication Guidelines. A ticket holder who flagrantly violates guidelines is under risk of getting banned.

If a moderator was found to be unreasonable, the ticket holder may appeal the ban by e-mailing the conference host at

4. Merch

Merchandise such as t-shirts may be sold online. Purchases are non-refundable. HANDMADE SEATTLE LLC may offer discounts, but prices can change at any time.

5. User Privacy

a. HANDMADE SEATTLE LLC can access limited buyer information through Stripe, Inc. or PayPal, Inc.

b. Correspondence - We e-mail ticket holders for business purposes (e.g. receipts, tickets, chat server invitations, and critical announcements.)

c. Newsletter - After joining the conference newsletter, the subscriber will always have the option to opt out. We do not sell or otherwise distribute our mailing list.

d. Chat Server - HANDMADE SEATTLE LLC is the exclusive server owner, and we uphold the terms from the earlier section Chat Server - Data & Guidelines.