Job Booths

Hire Handmade People!

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Welcome to Handmade! Let’s participate in a growing indie movement endorsed by John Carmack and organized by Abner Coimbre (former NASA engineer.) When you reserve a job booth you:

  1. Meet four hundred in-person systems programmers who believe in building high-quality software.
  2. Get your own channel in our private chat server, with at least one thousand developers paying for the online track.
  3. Hire engineers of the caliber of Anne “TheHappieCat”, Richard Feldman, SerenityOS and other talented engineers.

We’re not the giant size of traditional conferences, but we’re 100% indie with a high concentration of competent people: game engine programmers, compiler engineers, network programmers, kernel developers, CPU/GPU architects, and more!

Flat Rate

All companies pay a flat rate of 2,000.00 USD for all the benefits of a job booth. The booth is yours for the entire conference (you only pay once.) Note that the amount of booths is small and the flat rate may increase in the future: we encourage you to lock in yours early. 🔐

How Does It Work?

We’ll give you a physical booth: a spacious table with ample decorations. We’ll also give you a virtual booth: a dedicated channel in the private chat server.

The physical booth will open for two days, during two periods:

  • During lunch
  • Immediately after lectures

After lectures we send our audience to the upper floors for three hours where you’ll be located here.

Finally, Handmade Seattle 2022 is a three-day conference: November 16-18th. The third day is a series of exclusive social hangouts outside the venue. You’re welcome to attend these!

Ready to Talk?

If we still have booths available, Abner will generate an invite just for your company:


1037 NE 65TH ST #110
Seattle WA, 98115

Handmade is a celebration of systems programming and all things low-level.