Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is Handmade Seattle?

We are Seattle’s top conference for systems programmers. Read our origin story.

2. What does buying a ticket do?

a. Physical Track: Reserve your seat at the Seattle Center with access to our private chat server.

b. Online Track: Access to the same private chat server but you cannot enter the building.

Handmade events are live-streamed for free.

3. Where is the venue?

The Nesholm Family Lecture Hall at Seattle Center: Mercer St, Seattle, WA 98109. You can punch in the name of the hall in your favorite Maps app This is where we first convene.

We’ve also booked two big rooms: Allen Foundation for the Arts Room and the Norcliffe Room. These will be used for job booths and the software demo hall.

4. Where is the livestream?

We are streaming the event on Abner’s Twitch and on this website. However, the official chat will be private and requires a ticket – all the speakers will be there!

5. Are refunds available?

We don’t process refunds. The physical track is a superset of the online ticket, so if you can’t come in person anymore you may participate online.

6. And if you cancel the event (e.g. life emergency)?

Your ticket would automatically transfer to the next available conference. We have a contract with the City of Seattle, so we are not in a hurry to cancel events.

7. Why can’t your conference be free of charge?

We (surprisingly) hear this often and it needs addressing:

To secure a venue we commit thousands of dollars months in advance. We need to buy insurance, hire staff, and rent A/V equipment. We award travel stipends to speakers in need. We pay contractors such as graphics designers, chat moderators, and video editors. The list goes on.

We are a small business that operates independently. We take extraordinary risk spending this much money upfront. We humbly ask you support your favorite indie conferences.

If you can go the extra mile support us by donating.