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I now organize Handmade conferences full-time (read the announcement.)

Running indie conferences in major US cities is expensive and selling tickets just isn’t enough. As a small business we depend on your generosity to stay afloat.

Our mission is to build high-quality software. We therefore reject sponsorship deals from companies because advancing our industry means being free to challenge anyone’s software.

That said we still need to pay the bills, order ChocoVine, and play Majora’s Mask (what? not relevant?) Your gift keeps us from turning off the lights.

Your host,

-Abner 🍫 🍷 + 🎭

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When you donate $5 or more monthly you automatically become a conference member. A member unlocks member updates about how the conference is shaping up behind-the-scenes!

There is nothing special to do on your end. After you donate, these updates are delivered to your e-mail on a monthly basis. We stop sending them when you end your recurring donations.

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