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Handmade Seattle

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Handmade is a global movement of systems programmers of all ages (e.g. the famous manifesto was authored by an 18-year-old student.) Our mission is to shape the process of building quality software.

It sprang into being thanks to the Handmade Hero series, which hosted two conferences. With the hero’s blessing we took over as spiritual successor and now compete as the world’s best low-level conference.

Handmade Seattle started in 2019 where we’ve hosted hundreds of visitors with tens of thousands of live viewers on stream.

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Handmade Seattle operates on two principles:

1. Independence

This conference is independent; we rely on ticket sales and donations. We also rent job booths to companies, but on the condition they can’t influence how the event is organized.

Why is that?

Abner rejects corporate sponsors because we must scrutinize everyone’s software, sometimes in an unfavorable light. Accepting free bags of money compromises our ability to perform this vital function.

2. Stop the Mining

No one at our events should ever be spied on.

Private Chat Server: We self-host a Matrix server and encrypt private conversations by default.

Keep It In-House: Whatever’s essential to the conference is processed in-house. For example, when you buy a ticket we personally consume the payment notification to generate your ticket – cutting out middlemen like Eventbrite.

We also own the newsletter and upload all content to the media page: for free and without ads.

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Need help? Send us a note:

Email: abner@handmade-seattle.com

1037 NE 65TH ST #110
Seattle WA, 98115