🌎 World-Class
We are Seattle’s largest conference for systems programmers. We bring you the authorities on game engines, operating systems, compilers, terminals, CPU/GPU design, and more.

Inspired by Handmade Hero
Like Handmade Hero by Molly Rocket we value breaking software down to the bare bones and building back an understanding of how it all really works. We are not affiliated with Molly Rocket, Inc.

💻 Fully Hybrid
We offer a physical track or an online track – you choose! Handmade Seattle is known for treating online attendees as first-class citizens.

💪 Fully Independent
We’re a small business operating independently – support us to keep us indie.

(New!) Job Booths
Come get hired by software companies that support Handmade values.

Abner Coimbre

The host works to give you
a sponsor-free event.


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